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We are feline founded.  Sylvester, the kindest cat, started this organization in 2014.  He could not stand to see anyone suffer, and routinely invited outside cats inside his home.  He let them know there was a safe, warm spot where they could crash when necessary. 


At first, it was daunting to his person to vet and find homes for all of them, but she knew it was necessary.  As time went on, she learned more about creating her network of helpers, and slowly finding donors to help with the mounting expenses.  Sure enough, everything continues to work out as it must.


We now are an organization run completely by volunteers.  We care for our indoor fosters as well as an outdoor colony.   We provide food, medical care, warm shelter, love and respect to our feline friends.  All adopters are fully vetted, including an interview, reference check and home inspection, and we are available for help througout the integration process.


At the age of 18, in 2018, Sylvie passed away, but our efforts continue on, helping as many cats as we can.  Sylvie's adopted feline siblings, children and grandchildren are more than happy to take on the task of teaching all of our fosters what it's like to feel safe, have loving human companions and build their feline bonds. 

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Donate to Our Life Saving Work

100% of donations go towards necessary veterinary treatments, food, litter, shelters, and other essentials for our cats. 

We care for adoptable cats in foster care and outside (colony) cats.

We are an all volunteer group and no one is paid.

Volunteer With Us

Currently Seeking:

  • Social Media Intern   Help us build our online presence!  Manage our social media sites, create relevant content, advertise cats seeking forever families, help us gain followers and subscribers, advertise fundraisers.

  • Fundraiser   Help us create fundraisers in the age of covid19!

  • Foster    Help cats from our outside colony feel safe while looking for their forever families.  All skill levels welcome

  • Do you have other ideas on how you may help?  Reach out.  We're always open to great collaborations.  


If you have skills to offer, contact us here and let us know why you're a great fit.  Feel free to include links to resumes/ social media, references, or whatever else you feel might help us see you. 

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Words Are Powerful

The world we all co-create is intentional.  The words we use affect our reactions to situations and the realizations we make.  The word 'rescue' implies that non-human animals are helpless without us.  At Sylvie's Heart Space, we know that this is not the case.  In their own lives, cats have their own social structures, affectionate and intimate relationships, and they take care of each other.  Not only is this evident in "the wild," but also in our city cat colonies, and in homes with multiple non-human animals.  


Humans have created a world where non-humans are forced to merely survive, and too often become abused, sick, or victims of the society we have created.  We have a moral obligation to help them through this system we have created, not as 'rescuer' and 'victim,' but as fellow sentient beings. 


Sometimes, there is a medical emergency, and then, yes, the word 'rescue' applies.  In other instances, we prefer to think of our roles as community members, as we are all part of a global and environmental community.  


With great consideration, and a heavy heart, we do believe in "neuter-return," which is the practice of sterlization and then returning the cat to their community.  We do not blindly go about this as if it were an industry or absolute requirement.  Forcing reproductive decisions on anyone whether human women (as is constantly being debated or enforced in almost every country), or non-human animals should never ever be taken lightly.  We believe all animals, regardless of species, have the right to bodily autonomy.  Unfortunately, in this society that we humans have created, many non-human animals are born into a life of scarecity and suffering.  We do take our roles as caretakers and guardians seriously and therefor do help the community with sterilization.    


Mental Health Matters.

We believe traps should only be used as a last resport.  They are traumatic and can cause lasting emotional scars and trust issues.  That is no way to live.  Whenever possible, our animal communicator discusses the situation with the cat(s) in question and together they come to an agreement on what is best for his/her/their interest.  Most of the time, the cats come willingly on their own, and on their own terms.  The older ones do understand that sterlization can lead them to a calmer and safer life, and that life of having multiple litters is simply draining.  We almost never force an animal to be handled without their consent.